How to Stay Fit and Lose Weight With Exercises

Have you been dieting for over a month and still not able to lose weight? Or have you been dieting with success and have had your efforts stalled out? What’s the problem? The reason is that you did not include exercises in your weight loss regimen. Recent studies have proved that exercising and eating fewer calories helps you in reducing weight faster in comparison to dieting alone. Exercise helps in keeping your body toned and active. How are exercises beneficial in reducing body weight and staying fit? Let’s find it out?

Body fat is one of the most horrible things to live with. You have to struggle to get into your favorite clothes and you worry each and every time that you have to appear in public at a special event or party. The best road to go down for a healthy and beautiful body is to add diet and exercise in your weight los and diet programs.

Most of the time nutritionists devise very restrictive diets for your weight loss plan which inhibits you from taking in all fast, carbohydrates, and sugary foods completely. This is really difficult to cope with for your body since the body takes time to get adjusted with a new dietary plan and this result in the health degradation and eventually halts weight loss too. But, after sometime you fail to follow such a restrictive diet and weight loss plan and your body that has been starved during this diets satiates its hunger by consuming more food than required which makes you gain weight and before you know it you’ve gained back more than you’ve lost.

It’s definitely better to follow a more moderate approach, rather than restrict everything that you’re used to, just add some exercise to and follow a program that you can live with for the long term. Remember, it’s a lifestyle change that were after not just a weight loss and diet program.
Ten benefits of exercises that help in losing body weight include:

1. It enhances your metabolism which aids in burning more calories
2. Increases energy levels which help you remain active throughout the day. You feel less fatigued and sluggish.
3. Strengthens your muscles and gives us the shape we desire
4. Improves blood circulation in the body muscles
5. Maintains and regulates blood pressure effectively.
6. Balances oxidation in the body which helps in easy breakdown of fat molecules
7. Decreases LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases the quantity of HDL (good cholesterol)
8. Diminish blood clotting chances
9. Balances blood sugar levels and improves digestion
10. strengthens joints

It’s been found out that exercise burns more calories than any other physical activity so make it a daily routine. Running alone helps in burning 560 calories in 30 minutes duration. Running is excellent, but don’t forget to include strength training as well.